Name: Quadpedis Avem: (Aavemin)

Species: Mammalian Bird

Size: Wingspan - 5 meters, length - 4 meters, weight - 300-450 lbs (136-204 kg)

Behavior: Elusive. Territorial. Loner.

Diet: Carnivorous - Large rodents

Appearance: Aavemin are typically four meters in length, and can weigh anywhere from 300 to 450 pounds (136-204 kg). Aavemin have eagle-like heads, and their hooked beaks are useful when it comes to piercing prey, tugging away skin, and tearing meat into bite-sized chunks. Aavemins’ fur is most commonly white, although occasionally they have grey fur, and on a few rare occasions, have been observed having black fur. Their wingspans extend to five meters, and their wings are covered in reddish-brown feathers. Aavemin have four legs, with taloned feet, and a feathered tail. A small lump on their heads is an organ allowing Aavemin to use echolocation.

Other: An organ on their head gives them the capability to use echolocation.

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