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In the year 2100, the human population had surpassed eleven billion. The Earth's sustainability was exceeded by more than a billion people. Nearly every country was in a state of famine. Only five countries remained functional and capable of supporting their citizens: China, India, Japan, United States, and Western Russia.

These five countries were forced to close their borders after an influx of desperate immigrants began to break down the surviving governments. The planet collapsed into wars, riots, and mass starvation. In 2124, humanity suffered an extreme breakdown, triggering the immediate establishment of the New Earth Space Exploration Administration, NESEA.

Led by representatives from each of the six operative countries, NESEA decided upon and set into motion a project that was intended to save humanity. The plan was to send a group of humans into the universe, with the goal of finding a planet capable of sustaining human life. Their target was a lonely planet, 54 light-years away, orbiting a bright new star, and sitting comfortably in its habitable zone. After a stable colony was formed, more people would be sent to this new planet. Eventually the strain on the Earth would be relieved. A team of elite scientists combined their knowledge of engineering, astronomy, agriculture, biology, architecture, medicine, and overall survival, all in the hopes of finding a habitable planet. Fearing the worst, they would also take along a plan B. EVE (Ex Vitro Environment) was a module of the spaceship which kept human embryos alive outside of the womb.  

After years of research and testing, NESEA finally created a spacecraft, the New Boundary Spacecraft, capable of light speed. In the year 2156, a group of one hundred capable explorers boarded the NBS and set off to inhabit a new home for humankind.Near the end of its voyage, the NBS was caught in a strong gravitational pull as they passed a black hole. When they broke free from the gravity, all communication with Earth was lost. The colonists traveled on in solitude.
Two years later, the New Boundary Spacecraft landed on a new planet. The passengers found the planet to be bursting with lush vegetation and protected with a full atmosphere. After all of the difficulties they faced, the colonists had finally found their refuge. They called it Grenze, German for frontier. It didn’t take long for the humans to learn that they weren’t the first inhabitants of Grenze. Another form of intelligent life had populated the planet for thousands of years before the humans arrived. They named these species khimens. Fortunately, the khimens were friendly. Their technology was centuries behind the humans. With no trouble from the khimens, the humans quickly formed a new colony. However, exposure to new bacteria resulted in diseases spreading through the colony, killing nearly half of the pioneers.
Now it is 2253, almost a full hundred years after the colonists’ arrival at Grenze. The population has risen past 500 and the colony is running smoothly. There are food sources and stable shelters, and the society is steadily improving. However, the solar systems are going to align soon and there has been talk of returning to Earth...

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