Name: Magnis Augen: (Maug)

Species: Mammal

Size: Length - 30-90 centimeters, width - 15-30 centimeters, height - 30-60 centimeters, weight - 25-60 lbs (11-25 kg)

Behavior: Friendly. Playful. Tamable. Travel and hunt in packs.

Diet: Carnivorous - Hunt small rodents, fish, and birds.

Appearance: Maugen are ocelot-like mammals that are generally one to three feet long and six to twelve inches wide. They are one to two feet tall. Their weight ranges from 25 to 60 pounds (11-25 kg). Maugen have cat-like facial features and paws. Maugen have velvety fur in solid colours, usually white, green, brown, grey, black, and, on rare occasions, silver. Their fur grows longer during cold seasons.

Other: Maugen are extremely agile and have incredible dark vision. This makes them incredible hunting and exploring partners.

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