Name: Aqua Elephanti (Phanti)

Species: Reptile

Size: Length - 7 meters, width - 1.5 meters, height - 4 meters, weight - 4000-6000 kg

Behavior: Sluggish, stays in the water, aggressive when provoked, swim in herds, has lungs so needs to resurface like a whale but usually just sticks nose above water when resurfacing

Diet: Omnivore - eat sea plants and fish

Appearance: Large, scaly, four flipper legs, whale like mouth with baleen plates, elephant-like nose extending from forehead which is used for foraging and used as a club when attacked. Greyish color.

Other: Phanti bones are extremely hard, and often carved into weapons. They have glands in their nose which produce electric charges capable of killing small prey and stunning medium sized animals. These can be harvested and are often paired with their bones to create electrical melee weapons.

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